Friday, February 18, 2011


Last night on the way to the school dance Trent asked if there was going to be a DJ.  I pipe up and say ‘Yep.  DJ Haystack is going to be playing and I heard he is awesome-wicked.”  Carter very politely says “Actually Mom – his name is DJ HAYMAKER.  Not DJ HAYSTACK.”  I don’t have to tell you all how Trent kept quoting songs by DJ HAYSTACK all night and rubbing it in any chance he had.  Needless to say we pretty much stuck to the ‘parents only’ zone for the night.  Although Carter was very sweet and he brought his friends over to us and introduced them.  He asked us to dance and he still likes to kiss his Mama in-front of his friends… so aside from dropping my initial ‘cool card’ with the little DJ mix-up, the evening went smooth and was a lot of fun!

Moving on… Alps training:

This week has actually been quite lame from a training perspective.  Monday night we went to our friends Karen, Wade & Jays for Valentines dinner.  So I happily gave up training for a night of food and good company.  Tuesday I taught my 30min core/balance class and only had time for a 30min spin before our company arrived.  Wednesday I had to give up the PACE training session for a charity event I was hosting at Global Fitness.  Despite missing the PACE pep’s – the evening was very inspirational and rewarding.  AND the cardio session was just as hard as a 1hr tempo run.  Del, Jody, Stephanie and I team taught a killer power class and I had trained legs earlier in the morning too. 

Thursday was the dance debut and we might have stopped by DQ on the way home, which takes me to today which is a pro-d day for Carter.  Normally I teach a Cardio/Strength class at Global, but Jody is teaching for me so Carter and I can have a PJ morning.

This weekend I will try to salvage some endurance and build up the hours I lost from earlier in the week.  I have a 50k coming up and my focus is to build my base slow and easy.  I have one goal: finish the training/race injury free with 50k under my belt.  3hrs on the bike today and then Sat/Sun is dedicated to the run!

p.s. I have the best TransAlpine partner ever.  Not only is Sarah a talented athlete and massage therapist - she gives one heck of a pep talk!!  The bonding has begun...

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