Sunday, February 27, 2011

Groundhog Day on the Two T's

So I remembered why it has taken 5yrs for me to sign up for Chuckanut again… it is really challenging to get in the training in Kelowna this early in the season.  The areas where I would normally go to do 3+hrs all have too much snow and ice, leaving only Urban options which usually require laps.

I met Stephanie, Alana and Sarah at the base of hell hill for our long run yesterday.  We had plans to do the Dilworth circuit which is a 12k loop with approx. 1700 feet of climbing in it.  This loop has a good mix of steep climbs, rolling terrain, single track, double track and all linked through random residential pieces. 

Sarah went out an hour earlier, so she did 1 loop with us and then finished on her own.  Stephanie and Alana did two laps and then I finished the 3rd lap on my own.  I almost didn't get out for that 3rd lap though.  It was -12 that day and the wind was chilling!  Not to mention each loop started off with a repeat on Hell Hill.  (1.2k & 600 steep feet)  I reminded myself of the time I did Diez Vista 50k and under prepared for it.  Man, did I suffer on that race.  And when I finished (damn lucky to finish and had it not been for a dude who basically told me to wipe my tears and suck it up I wouldn't have finished) I just remembered telling myself 'if you EVER sign up for an ultra and only do 1/2 the training again don't you dare step foot on the start line." 

So... off I went for my third lap.  Finished in 4.5hrs.  36km.  5200 feet of elevation.  My third lap was slower and I pitter-pattered in sections, but I got it done!  And that meant two long weekends back to back, with one more to go before I would taper for Chuckanut.

It was great having the girls along with me on the run.  Loops on the Two T's is not my idea of fun, but running with friends made it way more enjoyable!

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