Friday, March 18, 2011


Stephanie picked me up at 8am and we hit the road for Bellingham.  There was snow on the Coquihalla and it reminded me of how difficult the endurance training has been this winter for Chuckanut.  Loops at Knox Mountain.  Loops on the Two T's.  Road add on's before running in Crawford.  Trying to get creative around all the icy and snowy conditions.  All'n'all it hasn't been pretty but we have sucked it up enough to get in a few 4hr runs prior to this race.

We stopped at Dairy Queen (lunch of champs!) for a few chicken wraps and then continued on our way to pick up our race packages.  Friendly and informative staff greeted us at Fairhaven Runners & Walkers.  We got our packages and did some shopping.  Then we hunkered to REI where I picked up the GOPRO video camera for the PACE clinics this year.  I am so excited to video some of the sessions, time trials, hill climbs and our adventures as we train together.

Both Stephanie and I felt tired all day, so we shut it down after REI and went to the hotel.  The left side of my ol' body has been acting up the last 3 weeks and today my IT band was tight and sore walking around.  I have been working with such great practicitoners (Evano, Sarah & David) and what seems to be happening is the scar from my surgery is pulling on my pelvis (in the simplest terms) and causing my left leg to rotate internally as I run.  Hence the sore arch/achilles and tight adductors/hips and sore IT.  So I am just hoping that tomorrow it is manageable or at the very least holds out until after 40k.  (fingers crossed)

We had a great dinner at the Olive Garden and we have been lying in bed since 6:30pm... we are both bagged.  So drinking lots of water, did some stretching and 'stick' work and now we're going to hunker down and watch a movie.  They're calling for 30% showers tomorrow and 1degree at 8am and warming to 9degrees by 11am with partly sunny skies.  (again fingers crossed)

Despite what the weather brings us, we're ready to hunker down and get 'er done!

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