Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Mega Training Weekend - Sunday Report

Well, Sunday came and went like a blurr.  It was one of those days where when you wake up in the morning you have no idea what was about to lie ahead of you...

First of all, my husband was working crazy hours all weekend... so my training was worked around a very supportive and key member of 'Team Canadian Girls on the Run' - my Mom.  Without her help this weekend I wouldn't have gotten any training in.  Sarah called in the morning to say she wanted to run the 25k Scorched Sole Race that was in town.  The time-line just didn't work for me, so we simply did our own training.  I had a 2hr window, so I headed to the 'two tits' (I know, I regret ever starting to call it this 6yrs ago because the name has now just stuck - see photo below for a [rather lame] view shot)

The Two T's is basically one of the more challenging city routes we have in Kelowna.  It is a pieced together 11k loop that has approx. 1700', however you can easily add another 600 within 9-12min with 'Hell Hill'. (another name that has stuck for the past 6yrs)  My husband and I pieced together this route when we lived in town and trained for Chuckanut in 2006.  Because it's lower, there is less snow in the winter and makes for a good bread and butter route.  There are steep pitches, rolling sections, technical descents and some spectacular views:

My knees were really sore on the first descent, but after 30min the pain went away and didn't come back. (phew! It would have been a long walk)  I felt good.  I didn't feel peppy, but I felt good.  Way better than the day before... good enough that I could have gone for another 5hrs if I would have had the time.  As it turned out, I crammed in 15k, 3000' in 1hr 50min.  It was going to have to be good enough.

I went to the race finish to try to catch Sarah and Alison finish, but I had just missed them and they were standing in the lake cooling off their legs.  Hjalmar was still out on the 50miler and by the time I inquired into the results and who was in so far - it looked like it was going to be a much longer race than expected for most runners.

Sarah and I were out late into the night waiting for Hjalmar to finish his 50miler and we were so proud of him when we saw him coming down Boulder Trail!!  It was emotional for everyone - what a huge accomplishment.  Sarah and I will definitely carry forward his strength, determination and fight into the Alps this fall!

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