Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Too Busy Training to Blog

Training has been going pretty good... I just haven't had time to blog about it!

Sarah and I have been running together 2-3x's per week which has been great.  We are starting to figure out each others strengths and it is allowing us to strategize for the race a bit more.  Just working on running our own pace when we're together and not running 'to impress' one another was the first step.  It's like there was this unsaid 'I don't want to show my partner I suck' going on subconsciously.  We quickly figured it out on the first run and it has been smooth sailing since then.

We booked our flights on the weekend.  That was a huge step!!  Ready or not... here we come!!

 Team: Two Canadian Girls on the Run
Gore-Tex Trans Alpine Run 2011

Long runs on the weekends are 3-4hrs back to back and 20-30k distances.  We have built into 5 days per week and one of those days is sometimes more a 'hike' just to be conservative and avoid injury at this point.  So I think our weekly mileage has been around 65-80km, 10-12,000 feet and 9-10.5hrs  Gawd, that sounds like a lot on it's own but it really isn't yet.  We still have a lot of building to do considering we will have 250km, 50,000 feet and likely 40hrs of running  on race week.

I am feeling pretty good these days and despite some workouts where the 'jam' isn't there I am still feeling committed and there has been no sense of wavering.  I have approached each week understanding it's purpose and taking it one workout at a time.  I notice it is often taking me well into 45min or 1hr to get warmed up on most of my runs.  The positive part of that is the heavy feeling does go away and I get into a nice rhythm and some speed in the later part of my runs... finishing with 'legs' feels good.

Dreaming of Gelato every post run... life is good!

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