Thursday, July 7, 2011

Ready for Rest

One more week and then Sarah and I are taking a week off running.  We have been steady holding a solid base and last week and this week growing off that base and are feeling ready for a bit of down time.  Not to mention so many other things get put on the back burner that we need a week to check back into reality and some of our responsibilities.

This week we had 3x middle distance runs back to back and a day rest before two big training days coming up this weekend.  We are heading to Vancouver so I can coach the P.A.C.E. Sports Fitness athletes on their Knee Knacker races and Sarah and I can get a training run in using the grouse grind for some instant elevation.  Then we head to the mountains for day of hiking and with the goal of another big day focused on elevation.

The weather in Kelowna has quickly reached over 30 degrees daily.  Tuesday I went to Knox for 1hr before shutting it down.  I forgot my trail shoes so I wore my 'gym' shoes and didn't want to be out longer without the support.  Mind you that excuse came in handy with the 33 degree afternoon! (smile)

Wednesday morning my good friend, pace athlete and fellow trail running buddy Karen Christie met me down the road at 6am so we could get our run in before the HEAT of the day.  We had spent a beautiful morning covering 15k in 1.5hrs and ran from Southcrest over into Crawford and back. 

Karen set a great pace and gave me a good push that morning!

Then that night I went back out at 4pm to mark the time trial for the P.A.C.E. Sports Fitness workout at 6pm.  I just hiked and flagged the course for another 6km and I couldn't help but feel guilty that I was about to make my athletes run their time trial in this heat!  I did have a cooler full of ice water, cupcakes, cookies and chips for the finish.  Junk food surely made up for it...

Time Trial Course in Southridge

I missed my 3rd run today because of time management.  Work, Carter is out of school and in a soccer camp so organizing and juggling all of this was just too much.  I am good with it.  I have always put my family first and I never look at a missed workout as a negative when it means more time with my loved ones.  Besides, I think Sarah and I have a sufferfest weekend planned... I'll take the extra energy with me.

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