Sunday, October 2, 2011

Home Sweet Home

Getting back into the swing of things this week went pretty great.  Carter was excited to meet his teacher and see his friends.  His first day back to school the kids just ran over to him, yelling his name and hugging him.  It was so nice to see and I was just so damn happy for Carter to experience that.

I, too, had a warm welcome back at my first trail run with the PACE crew on the Saturday run.  It was great to see everyone and be back out coaching.  Despite only 5hrs sleep and some serious jet-lag, I enjoyed a nice 1.5hr run with the awesome gals in the 15k C group.  I received the same warm welcome from the staff and members at Global Fitness Centre on Monday morning and was happy to be back at work.

I scheduled myself to teach a CSI (cardio strength interval) class Monday mornings on the fitness schedule for the fall.  I wanted to return from the race and have different fitness goals and work on strength and have some fun, rather than jumping right back into running.  What I forgot was how hard these workouts are!  As I was teaching the step portions and strength exercises all I could think was 'sure you can run across the Alps but a 1hr cardio/strength step class is going to kill you!'  I also scheduled myself for a 1hr total body strength class on Tuesday mornings.  Back to back suffering of a new kind ;)

I dusted off my road bike this week, did a few more classes at the gym, was back coaching and running with on the PACE scene and I was generally feeling pretty good.  The jet-lag was getting better everyday and we were no longer waking up at 2:30am for salami and cheese buns :)  By Saturday we were all feeling pretty much back to normal.

Sunday I went for a MTB ride in Crawford with my friend Tannille.  We had a great ride!!  Some good climbs and fun descents.  We were 10min from home and bommin' down a smooth single track trail when I went into a corner a little too hot and all I remember is my tires sliding out from under me!  The trails were wet and slick from all the rain from the night before and then I just remember landing hard on my hip and banging my head.  Sigh... I get a little excited on my first MTB ride home and WHAM!

We finished the ride with an espresso and icepack on my hip.  I guess I will implement action 'more-rest' this week as even negotiating stairs hurt.  Ah, who am I kidding... I can barely walk!  Ah well... you don't get raspberries and bruised hips by staying home so I guess I'll take the bike ride and crash over the alternative but I will be paying for it this week.

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