Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Time to Run Again!

Another week is slowly passing by and I can't seem to hunker down into any sort of workout routine, so-to-speak.  I am keeping fit and doing a variety of activities... I teach three fitness classes at Global Fitness Centre and I am out running with the PACE winter clinic participants, however it is really sporadic and I can't seem to find a balance these days.

Since the Alps I have only been running 1-2x's per week and trying to fit in some cycling.  (either outdoors or in the gym)  I set pretty loose goals for myself the past month which is to try to find 1hr per day for a workout.  And the 'hour' can look like anything:  yoga, hike, run, bike, gym workout, core etc...  but maybe the goals are too loose because I haven't been able to stick to this.  Some days I honestly just don't feel like it.  While others I am motivated and then can't fit it in.  I think I need a bit more 'direction' is the driving force I need to really get myself back on track.  Not that the time off a structured workout plan hasn't been enjoyed or needed by me.  I do feel like the past two months of cross-training, REST and flexibility has been very positive for me.  I just feel like I am now ready to get back into the swing of things and want to start training for something again. (not necessarily a race)
Motivation - hiking in Palm Springs
SO!  Something tells me that it is time to make some new goals.  I have lots of people ask me what's next.  Up until now I haven't wanted to think about anything else.  I am still so satisfied, content and enjoying basking in Sarah and my accomplishment that I haven't wanted to rush out of that feeling.  Recognizing I can't bottle it forever, however, tells me it's time to move on.  Plus, I am starting to feel antsy and like its time to put some serious consideration into my 2012 season and almost more importantly, how I can make the most out of what is left of 2011.  Although I don't have that feeling that I need to 'top' anything or make it bigger to be better.

I do have a few ideas mulling around and so far my inspiration is to spend more time in the mountains.  That doesn't mean it has to come in the form of race... although there are some pretty epic mountain events that are still out there waiting for me!  For now... I think I will sit down and write myself a new program based on some tangible short-term goals.  This should help lead me happily and healthy towards a new year.

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