Monday, January 23, 2012

Jim Cuddy

Jim Cuddy was awesome!!!!!  Not only because of the music but because I got to go with some of my favorite people :)  My Mom, Carter, my brother Ken, my BFF Stephanie and her husband Ian.

This was Carter's first concert ever so just that element alone made it a highlight moment.  He was very excited and totally embraced the experience.  We sang together and he hugged and snuggled up with me in-between songs.  It was really great.  The other highlight was that Carter got to meet Jim Cuddy at the end of the concert... it didn't come without him waiting patiently though.  By 11:30pm (on a school night) his patience did pay off...

p.s. Mommy met Jimmy too!
It was a great night and we all created some special memories together...

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