Tuesday, July 24, 2012

TAR TRAINING - Random Notes

Probably not  a super interesting read for many, however I wanted to document some of my training weeks before I forget.  I like to look back at my blogs for training reminders and motivation over the years.
The weekend after Fernie I had another great build week.  Managed  14hrs total.  I got to run with Sarah on Friday which was awesome!  It was so nice to see her feeling better and to be out spending time together.  We ran into Crawford from my house :)  It was just a short run, as she was off to PEI for a week and Trent and I were off to watch Carter's soccer finals for the camp he was in that week.  Saturday I ran the greenway with PACE.  Struggled a bit with the heat that day, although happy enough with another 3.5hrs.  Sunday I headed out on my own back into Crawford for almost 2hrs.

It was time to take a bit of a rest week and run on the lower side of mileage after a few big weeks, so I ran a fairly easy 10hr week the next week.  Although I put in a 4.5hr run with Stephanie on Friday which was a lot of fun and I so enjoyed spending the morning with my bff.  The PACE run the next day was a mellow 3hrs, but really social and enjoyable!!  The RBC Granfondo was also happening that day, so I met all the RBC athletes in the morning for the start, zipped over to Knox to coach and then came back for the finish and a beer in the beer gardens :)  Trent and I ran on Sunday, but just an hour.

Coming off the rest week, I wanted to build into one of my higher volume weeks so far this year. It went really well and it was nice to get in some runs with my TAR partner Sarah. I ran Mon/Wed/Thurs/Sat/Sun and cycled with the kids I coach at tri club Tuesday. I think I managed 110km, 15.5hrs and approx. 16,000 feet. Sarah and I hit the KVR on Wednesday and Divide Lake Saturday with PACE and then we ran from Kelowna to Naramata as part of a charity run we organized to raise money for cancer. (separate entry coming on this event). To my surprise, I had a lot of energy on Sunday still and covering the 32km, 4300 foot route in just over 5hrs felt good. It was a positive end to a big week :)

Sarah and I went down to the Q103 for a radio interview for our charity run.  Thanks so much to Steve and Heather from the morning show for having us in to spread the good word of our event!

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