Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Guest Speaker at VIMFF

Last weekend I did something far more scary than running across the Alps.  I talked about me running through the Alps in-front of 800 people!  Despite my nerves, it was a pleasure and honor to be asked to be the guest speaker at the Vancouver International Mountain Film Festival in Kelowna and have the opportunity to share my passion for the mountains, tell stories about from my two time finishes of the Gore-Tex Transalpine Run (8 day trail running race through the mountains of Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Italy) and celebrate how a community raised money for the BC Cancer Society in the process.

When it was all over, I was surprised how closely it resembled a trail running race.  It took a lot of hard work and time leading into it.  The first 5min my nerves were shot and then, just like in a race, I settled in and felt fine.  It was challenging but finishing it was very rewarding and I guess the only difference is when I finished my presentation  I had the pleasure of knowing that I potentially inspired or influenced other people in a positive manner and that was so much better than any race!

I really want to thank my family for all their support and help getting me prepared and also all my friends and PACE peeps for their unconditional support.  I truly felt that even if I would have totally shit the bed up there that I had a community of people who wouldn't judge me or think differently.  I credit my confidence to the good people I have in my life.

I also got to focus on thanking my sponsors this year, which without them the Alps would have been another pipe dream and it felt good to publicly be in a position to recognize their assistance and more importantly, how some of our local business support local athletes.

I was also very fortunate to have the media's support and there was a great article written by JP Squire from the Daily Courier:  http://www.ok.bc.ca/bliss/unser-over-the-top-on-alps-trail-run-102712.html 
As far as next year's goals go, I can't say that it will hold any more public speaking dates, although I will remain open to it should the opportunities come my way again.  As far as running goals go... I might have a few plans up my sleeve ;)  

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