Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Kelowna Crew Prepares for Gore-Tex Transalpine Run

2013 marks a record of Canadian attendance for the Gore-Tex Transalpine Run and 6 out of the 11 registered teams are travelling from Kelowna, BC and representing P.A.C.E. Sports Fitness.

I have the pleasure of not only getting to train with this incredible group of athletes but also coach them towards there first TAR finish.  Building their endurance has been a very gradual process since January.  This has consisted of dryland training over the winter, cross-training and building slowly into a 5 day running week by June 1st.  Some of them ran the Diez Vista 50km and 25km or 50km Sun Mountain as training runs.

Teams are now starting to ramp up their miles with upwards of 10hr training weeks and they will finish with a 12hr at month's end.  It hasn't all been moans and groans though, as this tight-knit group of friends continue to encourage, motivate and inspire one-another along the way.  They have also showed incredible support towards me in this journey too, as my role as a coach is more difficult than that of a friend.  It sometimes means having conversations where they don't get to hear what they want or where my advice isn't sugar coated and more direct.  I have to sometimes see their disappoint and trust long term I will see their smiles.  To be honest, just helping them get to the start line injury free is really the hardest part.  Especially with a group that likes to work hard... doesn't complain and will always, always do extra if given the opportunity.  The risk is pushing too hard too soon and potentially digging a hole they can't get out of.  Getting through one stage isn't going to be difficult.  It's the next 7 stages, 270km & 52,000 feet...

One of the toughest stage profiles from the 2011 race

So, with this is mind, Trent and I are taking the crew to Lake Louise for a 4 day training camp in the mountains.  I have been wanting to expand my business and offer trail running camps/coaching in the mountains the past year, so this will be a great opportunity to get some feedback and test my business plan out!  Not to mention spend quality time with a group of friends I come to love, admire and view more like family.  I actually can't WAIT for this weekend... it is going to be so much fun!!

Part of their distance training is also the PACE 40km Charity run in July and the Squamish 25k / 50k in August.  With less than 80 days to go, consistency within their training plans will be key to the success to finishing this year's 8 day stage race across the Alps.
For anyone wanting to follow the Kelowna Crew this year, take note of the awesome and creative team names. P.A.C.E. is well represented and it is an honor to have these incredible athletes choose P.A.C.E. in their team names.  Grateful and proud.

TEAM P.A.C.E. Sports Fitness - Trent & Rene
TEAM ACE of PACE - Nathan & Carrie Karsgaard
TEAM Snails PACE - Christopher Wilson & Ellen Boelcke
TEAM PACE OUT! - Kevin Matrosovs & Alana Jordan
TEAM Stoaked PACERs  - Ian Tanner & Jamie Arnett
TEAM PACE Chasers - Hayley Shearer & _______ (Hayley is looking for a partner)

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