Thursday, April 3, 2014


It has been some time since I dusted off the ol' blog.  My friend and Salomon Flight Crew teammate Tom Craik motivated me when I read his recent blog about his upcoming race this weekend. 

It has been rather slow start the year in terms of my running stats.  Like everyone (it seems) the winter was long, un-motivating and we had a really cold/grey season.  Despite having to take a full week of training off in March I still managed to almost replicate last years volumes.  Regardless, it is what it is and more importantly, I am feeling good heading into April.  My focus for the next month is to build towards running the R2R2R with some strong and inspiring women from Vancouver & Calgary.  I'll save that for another blog post.  For now, I just wanted to check out my comparisons and gain perspective as I goal set for the next 5 weeks.

Pre-Ran Earring Trail before PACE worked on maintenance Day in March

I also purchased a new cyclocross bike from KELOWNA CYCLE and have been really enjoying riding with my husband and friends.  I want to dust off my road & mountain bikes this year too and set some fun training goals in this areas as well.  I haven't been riding much the past few years and I really miss it.

Having fun with my new 'girl'
I signed up for Diez Vista not realizing how busy my schedule would be this time of year.  It's always hard to let races go but in it's own way it's healthy for me recognize my needs, stay present and do what's best for the big picture.  I am pretty stubborn, so I am still aiming to run 50k this weekend.  I am just going to get the miles in on our local trails.  Wish me luck!  I will miss the camaraderie of the trail running community and the awesome volunteers who lift your spirits and serve tasty treats on the DV course.  Good luck to everyone racing this weekend!

I think I will run the Spring Rush 25k course twice this weekend :)
Here is a little comparison for the month of March over the last 3 years.  This doesn't include cycling, gym workouts, skiing etc..  just run focused:

2014 March Run Stats:
30,622 feet
Longest run:  35km
23 sessions

2013 March Run Stats:
27,000 feet
Longest run: 37km
24 sessions

2012 March Run Stats:
18,000 feet
Longest run: 28.5km
14 sessions

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