Thursday, March 3, 2011

Knee Knacker Lottery

Damn it!  If there was one training run for the Trans Alps race that I hoped Sarah and I could do - it was the Knee Knacker.  Unfortunately luck wasn't on our side at the lottery draw tonight.  Then again, there really is no such thing as luck.  One closed door means another one opens, right?

It's just I LOVE this race so much and it would have been perfect training for us.  Long.  Technical.  Lots of elevation and long descents.  Ah well, the good news is that Andrew, Stephanie, Erica, Mel and Shannon got in and we will all train together.  The even better news is that more and more PACE athletes are signing up for races like Knee Knacker in the first place. 

My thoughts for training for the Alps race this year was to set a series of mini race goals to lead into the Grand Pobah (sp?) and although Knee Knacker was one of those initial "mini's", this just means we will have to take our legs elsewhere.  Perhaps to the Rockwall Trail.

Regardless, I look forward to coaching those who got into KK this year and helping them reach their goals and kick some ass.  Here is a shot from KK memory lane in 2007:

Cleveland Dam

The early start.

Finishing in 7:00hrs exactly.

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  1. YEAH to doing some of the training runs for Knee Knacker and YEAH to doing a fun NEW race!!
    Nice blogging girlfriend!!! xoxox