Friday, March 4, 2011

Adios Palmy!

This holiday couldn't have come at a better time.  January and February were on & off weather wise and training for a march ultra was going harder than I anticipated.  It was nice to come to sunny and warm Palm Springs for a week to lift the spirits and renew the senses! 

I was thrilled with the two hikes Trent and I did together and Trent is so good at supporting and encouraging me - he kicked my butt out the door the other two days to get road runs in.  I managed tempo workouts: 10k & 5k inbetween both bigger hiking days.  Not to mention, the days we got up early to hike before the rest of the family were up and at'em, we ended up spending the rest of those days on our feet at Joshua Tree hiking and bouldering or walking around the living desert. 

Check out the cool photo of the cougar I got.  You know how at most zoo's the animals sleep in the most hidden places and you're lucky if you can see them move?  Well, this cougar walked around for 15min and kept coming up to the glass.  It was unreal... a highlight for me, for sure!

I will be sorry to leave the warm, bright weather, but I hear that the weather is warming up back home.  It has been a very fun holiday.  Well balanced between family time, recreation and rest.

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