Monday, March 14, 2011


Well, the tempo run this week didn't quite go as well as past weeks.  It took my legs 5km to warm up.  Up until that point it was all I could do to jog and just kept hoping that the burning and heavy feeling would go away.  I was thinking about turning off at Old Meadows Road... not gonna lie to ya!!  What helped is Miss Arnett had jumped on my heels at the 5km mark and she did a good job of sticking with me.  There were a few times I thought she was going to pass me and I would speed up just enough to hold her back, but I couldn't sustain anything faster than 5min km pace for long because my legs really were cooked. 

When we got to the Dehart turn off (2km to the finish and partially a gradual downhill) I did pick up the pace and managed 3.5min km on the last two km.  So when I looked back on my run it felt good that I didn't panic at the start and just took the time I needed to loosen the legs and stay in the game.  The easy route would have been to bail at Old Meadows (or sooner) as I saw the pack quickly pull away at the start, but despite how tired I was in the start, I finished strong.  And key word - 'finished'.  It always helps having the motivation of the PACE pep's and this time in particular - Jamie Arnett!! 

We all have those workouts though where they don't quite go as well as we think or we then let our thoughts or attitude take us out of the game just because we don't feel as fast or fresh, instead of finishing the job and reassessing. 

Sunday brought the time change and a bit of a cranky and feeling under the weather 'Rene'.  For the first time since January I didn't feel like running.  I woke up tired, and just sorta 'blah.'  I met Stephanie early for 30min before we met the 15km group this week.  Ian & Karen took out the 25km for 3hrs and left 1hr earlier.  Even once I was in the parking lot I was in a trance and well, just unmotivated.  Stephanie and I headed out and the 30min was crappy.  More of a walk because there was so much ice.  But once we met our group, we made a plan and hit the road and I started to come around.  As the run continued I did perk up, although the sparks never flew.  I just tried not to let it bother me this close to Chuckanut.  But 13km was not the taper run I had hoped for...

So it's all about attitude from here!  Onward and upward!  Or as my Mom always says: 'Carry on Bravely'...

I did have a wicked-awesome time with the PACE crew at breakfast afterwards.  That was the highlight to my day.  I just love how PACE has drawn such inspiring, friendly and fun people.  Good times.

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