Friday, March 25, 2011


I just read today that the race is full!  When I checked the list on-line there are only two Canadian Teams and they are both womens teams.  Obviously, Sarah and I and a team from Regina.  Pretty cool!

My recovery week from Chuckanut has gone fairly well.  Carter and I did an easy hike on Knox Mountain Sunday morning and I could barely walk down the trails without turning my body sideways.  I have taught a couple of spin class, core classes and did the run with the PACE crew on Wednesday.  We were doing race pace efforts on the greenway, but I noticed as I tried to pick up the pace, my legs were dead.  So I just jogged and took photos.

This morning Trent and I got up at 5am and went to Yoga.  Carter had a sleepover so we seized the opportunity!  Again, my strength was weak, but it felt great to open up the joints and focus on my breath.  Plus, it was just cool that I got to go with my man. 

I am going to do a light bike ride tomorrow, hopefully with my transalpine partner, Sarah and then I am signed up for the 21k Dirty Feet Trail race on Sunday.  Although I am not sure my body is up for it quite yet.  Trent is going to run Carter's 2nd 5km race with him and I may join him.

I saw David on Thursday and he did some work on hips, IT bands and glutes.  Today my left knee is still a bit sore though.  So I will just decide the morning of and wing it.  I have another 50k in two weeks which needs to take priority, so I may just end up taking photos and cheering on the PACE racers instead.

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