Sunday, March 27, 2011


There was so much GREAT about today...

The first 'great' was my decision to forgo the 21k race and run the 5k distance with my 9yr old son and husband.  This was (by far) the most memorable race I have ever ran.  I was so proud of Carter... yet more than that, I had such a content feeling to be doing what I love, with my two favorite people in the whole world.  If I would have ran the 21k, it would have been another race and despite how great the outcome or how beautiful I heard the views were in this race, I would have missed out on making some of the best memories of my life.

The second 'great' was being surrounded by some of the most positive, fun and inspirational people that the sport can offer.  These amazing people are PACE peps.  We had a crew of approx. 20 come down from Kelowna to take part in this event and I just have to say that is it my damn pleasure to have gotten to spend the last 10 weeks running, joking, wincing, suffering, smiling, drinking beer and gearing ourselves up for this event, together.  The journey this winter was so much more enjoyable with people who's outlook is to do what they love and love what they do.  Every single PACE pep that started and finished that race today made me proud to be a coach and inspired me to be the best runner I can be!

There were lots of other 'great' moments this weekend, but aside from the fact that we all gathered to either run or support someone we knew running - it was the people that made the event today so 'great' for me.

Phil & Grace were exceptional race directors.  Their passion for the sport came through race day in their relations with the racers, volunteers and bi standers.  The course was very well marked, the food was plentiful and had lots of variety and the draw prizes were OUT OF THIS WORLD!  They make a point of supporting their sponsors and spoiling their racers.  I am sure they are having a beer tonight and reflecting on how their hard work made a difference to so many.  I know there is a part of me that feels that way as I enjoy my beer tonight and reflect on the last 10 weeks of training leading up to today.

Life is good with PACE!  I believe my athletes felt prepared and had a successful day out on the trails.  I am motivated and instantly rejuvenated for the next spring clinic which starts this Wednesday.  BEEP TEST here we come...

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