Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Hell Hill

I went back for more pain and suffering to Hell Hill yesterday.  I only had time for 3 repeats before I had to get Carter but it was better than a goose egg on my training schedule.  Also, I managed a 9min 30sec repeat on the first climb which made me happy.  The next two got slower... but I had a glory moment and I soaked it up!

We have been doing a fair amount of trail scouting this spring and last night Ian Tanner & Ashlee Robinson took us out to Rose Valley with our good friends, Michael & Suzanne .H.  I couldn't believe I haven't been on these trails before! Seriously... stunning views, sweet single-track and nice switch back sections.  We had a great time and I really appreciated Ian & Ash showing us their stomping ground.  I know where the summer time trial is going to be now...

 Thanks Ian & Ashlee!! Can't wait to go for a 'run' around the 'lake.'

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