Sunday, May 1, 2011

Wednesday Training

Can you say 'Ibis Mojo?'  If you can, you'll understand why it was so much fun to mark the PACE time trial loop via my MTB instead of running it this week.  It was my first ride on my new wheels and OH, BABY OH!!  What a sweet ride it is!! 

I took my irrigation flagging out and marked a sweet 4.7km/500ft loop for the spring clinic group.  I was able to use the Dirty Feet Trail Race course and get my athletes on the route before race day. 

After one loop, I rode back to the packing lot and met Sarah.  We went out and did a second loop before meeting the rest of the group and getting them started in their training session.

 The route got rave reviews!  Everyone just smoked it and pushed and pushed on each loop.  Half way through their training and they're all running strong and seeing improvements.

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