Monday, April 25, 2011

On the Road Again...

On Sunday Sarah and I were Two Canadian Girls on the Bike again!  We had a great 2hr cycle through North Glenmore and behind the airport, into Rutland.  It was another beautiful day and it was fun to get an early spin in on Easter morning.  Not gonna lie to ya... it was killer getting up at 6am after getting in from my brothers 40th b-day party the night before.  I haven't been to the corral in years!  Nothing like doing repeats at PCM and then two stepping honky tonky style for 2hrs later that night!  I did manage to get home by 12:30am and despite not drinking... I felt hungover the next day.  LOL

I had a great Easter and spent the rest of the day with Carter and my parents.  Ate way too much... my Mom rocked out her stuffing this year and with the Canucks playing we needed comfort food.

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