Monday, April 25, 2011

Pin Cushion Repeats

 Photo:  Alana near the top of PCM

Saturday morning I took the PACE athletes to Pin Cushion Mountain in Peachland for up/down repeats.  It was a strength/endurance workout based on duration.  We did additional volume on Wednesday to make up for the lack of distance we would cover this weekend.
Each repeat is approx. 3.5k and 900feet return.  Athletes spent the better part of the morning doing 2-6 repeats.  We were blessed with a blue-bird day and great trail conditions.  Everyone worked super hard and kept the momentum going.  

 Photo: Jen coming down a section of PCM

It was a stellar day to be a coach and I was so happy the new trail was received well and everyone had such a good time, working so hard. 

 (Photo:  Angela, Laura, Daniel & Natasha at the top of PCM)
It wasn’t such a stellar day as an athlete, however.  My ankle bothered me after the 3rd repeat.  I shut it down and massaged my leg/ankle for 30min with ‘the stick’ and then managed to do one more.  I will continue to work with massage, chiro, physio etc… to rebuild the strength and hopefully get it back to normal before Sun Mountain 50k, but I am frustrated… no doubt about it.

Just because I am a coach and prescribe for everyone else, it’s no different for me when I have limitations.  I go through the ‘fomo’ (fear of missing out) mode and felt frustrated that I had to go slow, or stop and didn’t make my goal of 5-6 repeats.  I also worry a bit that my ankle/foot will cause me to take some time off.  I don’t want to slow down… I want to get into a steady routine and feel like I am contributing my efforts towards the Alps this year.  

I just have to take it one workout at a time right now and put faith in my journey and stay positive.  I know things have a way of working out and the Alps are going to present their share of setbacks.  How we view setbacks is our direct reflection on life.  Life is good and I have much to be happy for.  I will just hit the bike the next few days and see how it goes from there.

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