Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Another Sponsorship Announcement

It has been an exciting day for Sarah and I...

Icebreaker just confirmed they are interested in sponsoring us for our race in the Alps this fall!  If you haven't had the good fortune to own any Icebreaker gear yet, you have not truly lived.  Sure... sure... I know, that sounds a tad bold, but seriously, there is little that compares!

If you haven't read their Philosophy and story behind Icebreaker, it's worth grabbing a beer or cup of Joe in the morning.  It makes me feel even more proud to represent a company.  Their slogan and way of thinking resembles Sarah and my journey in this epic race this year... "It's about our relationship to nature and to each other.'  
That and I figure it will be great to have the wool keep us dry and warm when we're folded in two... sucking our thumbs in a ditch at 10,000 feet on day 6.  Or as our friend Ian puts it... keeping us warm while we have cold beer at the finish!  Both positive incentives to race in and have Icebreaker in the Alps!

You can check out Icebreaker locally at one of our other sponsors:  Valhalla Pure Outfitters Kelowna!

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