Friday, May 6, 2011

View from my Office Window Wednesday Morning...

Life in the Okanagan can be rough.  No, really... I know what you're thinking... but this view didn't come w/out a price...

I headed to Knox Mountain to do the P.A.C.E. workout before my athletes did it later tonight.  I did the 50k workout which was 5 loops, down the stairs/double track to the bottom, flat for approx. 2min before starting the steep, gnarly, 650 foot climb on challenging single track back to the top.  Total loop is approx. 1.9km.

My legs felt great today, although I can't lie... I took a few breaks on a few of the climbs going up.  My heart rate on the first 3 climbs were a bit ridiculous.  My last two repeats felt the best and I was happy to feel like I could have done 2-3 more if time permitted.  Mind you, I wasn't setting a blazing pace today.  Just happy to get in a 2hr workout. All 'n' all, it was about getting out for an over-distance run and building up the elevation and mission was accomplished.  Best part was the sunny, warm weather, the views and my ankle felt great.

There is no doubt it is way more motivating to have company out there, so I decided to break down my workout so that I thought of each loop as a stage of the TransAlps.  That would have been the first 5 of 8 stages... works for me!

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