Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Every Footstep Counts...

My new mantra for the Alps... 'Every Footstep Counts'.  Why do I feel so drawn to this new mantra for 2011?  Because I can't yet wrap my head around the 262km and 15,000 meters our feet will cross the first week of September.  So I am breaking it down, so-to-speak, to the barest form of forward motion I know, which is just putting one foot in-front of the other.

And on a day like today, just getting my feet moving is proving to be a challenge.  I'm tired!  I dropped Carter off at school and drove directly to Quarry Park to pre-run the PACE workout before their session tonight and to get my training in.  I forgot the workout at home, so I drove home to pick it up and went back.  Then I realized I forgot my watch and without that I can't gps distance, so I had to go home again.  On an already wavering morning, this was almost enough to say 'screw it' today.  Instead, I decided to just chill for an hour, have another coffee, drink water, refuel, do some work and then reassess. 

So needless to say, when I do go back to Quarry Park this morning (and yes, I WILL get my ass down there eventually) my perspective is that every footstep will count.  Some days I just have to focus on moving and less about the other training tactics that fill my mind.  I know that it is not an option for me to skip many workouts from now to September 1st.  Further, I know there will be things that will come up that are more important than 'I feel tired' as a reason to miss... like family events, illness, work etc... so I need to just 'SNAP OUT OF IT MARTHA!' and do like Nike says... 'Just do it!'.

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