Sunday, May 8, 2011

118 Days to the Start of the TransAlpine Run...

It's go time!!  With only 118 days left before we toe up in Oberstdorf, I am starting to feel a little anxious.  I had a great week of training, which gives me some confidence, but watching the trailer can't help but psych me out a bit here and there.

Friday morning Sarah and I went for an amazing 2hr mountain bike ride.  We got in a decent amount of climbing and just enjoyed a really warm, bright beautiful morning in Crawford.  Saturday I squeezed in just over 4hrs and 36km on the trails.  This will be my longest training run before Winthrop 50k in a few weeks.  I didn't feel great on the run and hit some low points around 2.5hrs, but I was running with Andrew and Alana and they were so supportive.  We stuck together and it was a steady pace and good company.  Thanks to Andrew for dragging my butt back out for the last 6km!!

Today is Mother's Day and I feel so loved and celebrated.  I totally slept in, had coffee in bed and Carter was so excited to give me his gift.  Then we went to Bo-Hoe for breakfast with friends, David & Alison and their family.  It was nice to be included and spend the morning with them. 

Then Carter and I went for a 45min trail run/hike in Crawford and down to the soccer field and played soccer for an hour or so.  We spent the night out with my dad,  step-mom and brother last night and we are taking my Mom out for dinner tonight.  It has been a weekend of gratitude for me.  So many of my favorite things with all my favorite people! 
 I managed to get in a 13hr training week this week and got through my long run Saturday on tired legs, which makes me so happy too!  And 4 runs this week... which is a bit of a bump, however I feel necessary and like it was well received from my body.

Salty Dog 6hr race is coming up next weekend.  Trent and I have raced solo category in the past, but this year we are just out for the fun and so we're doing it as a team.  The following weekend in training in Winthrop!!  Looking forward to Sarah and I getting in some back to back days together and hanging with the other PACE pep's and our friends.

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