Friday, June 24, 2011

Foo Fighters made it all Better

Headed out on the trails behind my house tonight for a 'light 1hr run' before Sarah and I attempt our Mondo-Training Weekend.  As soon as I started to move, my legs felt done.  There was zero POW and very little energy.  My workout ended up being more of a walk/run and I decided to just use the workout as a scouting run for the workouts I coach under P.A.C.E. Sports Fitness and hunker on the higher trails behind my house.  I had a A.R.T./Chiro treatment today and I think between that and the smith creek hill hammer-fest Sarah and I did on Wednesday my legs were just not willing to cooperate.

Not all was lost.  I listened to the new Foo Fighters album on my ipod (which I LOVE) and cruised around for 1hr, walking guilt free when I felt like it and taking in the beautiful views and terrain that is a short 5min jog from my house:

When you feel shitty on your workout like I did tonight, it's easy to question your training.  "Am I doing too much?  Not enough?"  Even as a coach, I can get side-tracked or insecure or doubtful with our training and/or choices.  Let's face it... outside of the training program, an effective coach is also that voice of reason who puts things back into perspective for us when we get a little spazzy.  Just because I coach others doesn't mean it is easy to coach myself... in fact, if anything I would say I am harder on myself when it's all said and done.

Mind you, I don't dwell on things and after this blog entry I will move on to a glass of wine and some spaghetti.  I recall from BC Bike Race that just because I didn't feel great one day didn't mean that the next day was going to be the same.  And I never did have two days that felt like shit back to back.  So I am going with this theory and staying positive leading into my run tomorrow.  Also remembering my motto for the Alps... 'One Step at a Time'.  I didn't say all the footsteps had to be fast or look pretty...

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