Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Smith Creek "Feel the Love"

Okay, so first of all, I want to acknowledge that there are often photos taken of us that we wouldn't DARE post or share because they just don't show our best sides... well, I am taking one for the team.  Not a very flattering photo but I promised myself to keep my blog real and that sometimes means the good, bad and ugly... so look past the cheesy chick in the red icebreaker top to the sign we're pointing at :)

Today was a tough training day.  Both Sarah and I showed up feeling a bit lethargic from our previous week and we knew Smith Creek pretty much climbs (although gradually and undulating) the whole way to #14, which was our goal today.  I set the pace to start and just tried to find a runable effort and tried to sustain it for as long as could before having to hike.  As it turned out, Sarah and I ended up running almost the whole way up!  I kept thinking... "I don't think I have reached the top this fast on my MTB."

Anyhow, we did the full loop and backtracked on the descent and were out for 2.5hrs today, 20k and approx. 2000 feet.  I was quite thrilled that we were able to run so much of the climb, making it a rather challenging outing today.  Having said that, we took advantage of a situation on the way down to practice our 'stage finishes'... of course, the only thing missing is the beer in Sarah's hand...

We have another big weekend ahead of us and despite all the hours we're putting out there these days, I am really enjoying the training and looking forward to it!

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