Thursday, August 4, 2011

Rest Week - Hooray!!

It's rest time again!  Not only does that mean a break from the large volume of training, more importantly it means more time for family and an opportunity to get caught up on any other areas that take the back seat on our build weeks.

The long weekend was the end of our 2nd build week and 16hrs of training.  It was also Carter's 10th birthday!  Sunday we celebrated with a kids party at the beach (this is tradition people) and Trent and I planned a dinner party in the back yard with Carter's close friends and family.  Other than gifts, we requested that people bring a story, photos or something for his memory box to share about their connection and friendship with him.

Carter was so excited, that when everyone went home that night, he grabbed the box and brought it into our bedroom and sat on the bed and read every single entry out loud to us.  Carter was so touched by the stories and time/effort that went into the photos etc... and he said it was the best birthday present he ever got!

I didn't have to 'run' that day - the long haul birthday planning felt like a marathon by the time I went to bed :)  The next morning I headed out to the trails behind the house and my friend Karen Christie ended up joining me for an early 6am run.  It was a beautiful morning... 10 degrees!  It felt so good to run in the 'cool' air and my hands were even cold for the first 30min of the run.  Centre of Gravity was happening in Kelowna this weekend and we saw some of the party favors in the neighbourhood as we started our run...
This dude was so passed out... snoring like a bear.  When I came back 2hrs later, he was gone and the sprinklers were on. 
Then I saw he just moved two lawns over and was drying out in the sun (passed out again)

The 2hr run felt great and it only took me 45min to warm up opposed to 1.5hrs like on Saturday.  Karen and I put the pace on and managed to tempo the last few kilometers too for a 17.5k outing.  We got in some good hills and more importantly, a great visit and solid workout.

Tuesday was great to take off running and we had family in town visiting so I did some yoga in the morning and got caught up on work and had extra hours for family.

Wednesday Sarah and I went to Knox for a 2hr speed workout.  Man, that girl can run!!  Vrooom!  We pushed each other and got caught up on training talk, gear talk, travel plans and just life.  We soaked our legs in the lake after the run and then both headed off to work.  Today was another great day and Carter and I hung out and had games night.  He always kicks my butt in Monopoly and anything on XBox. 

We have some running planned for the weekend and hopes to get our longest run in yet on Saturday with 40-44km.  It's been strange not running so much, unlike the last rest week where we could both give a shit whether we ran... we were SO ready for a break.  I think that's a great sign and we're both feeling strong overall.  More importantly, injury free so far.  (fingers are still crossed)

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