Friday, August 12, 2011

There's a Time to Surrender

This week was suppose to be a build week, after reducing volume and total run days to 4 and approx. 10hrs last week.  Unfortunately, my body went 'kaboom!' after our long run last Saturday and it has taken me all week to recover.  Although our overall volume was reduced, we still did a long 5.5hr run on Saturday up to the KVR twice and covered what would be our longest training run yet:  approx. 45km and 5.5hrs/5000+ feet.  The last 45min of the run my body just started to break down.  Sore knees and my pelvis just ached... deep ache around my scar.  When we finished I just felt a bit tight, but I wasn't tired.  I ended up sitting pool side at Carter's swim meet the rest of the weekend and I think that contributed to the rigamortis I felt leading into the start of this week and that has carried through... ugh.

Flat, easy run on the greenway Wednesday
I did see my Chiropractor/A.R.T. practitioner, David Urness at Valleyview Chiropractic and Massage  this Tuesday and once again, he worked his magic.  David has played a very positive role in keeping my injury free, not only this year, but for the last 6yrs.  It seems there is some tightness in my lower back that is manifesting down into my pelvis, obliques, adductors etc... I also saw Sarah again this week and she too has not only supported me as my partner, but professionally as a massage practitioner.  She basically spent the whole hour on my back and butt... yep - we any holes in our 'bonding' experience are now filled. 
Glenmore Highlands Run Tuesday

Sarah and Tammy at the first look-out on our double KVR day

So this week I have learned to surrender.  It hasn't been easy though because my mind is saying 'go time' and my body is saying 'don't even think about it Unser'.  Yet, what is on 'paper' so naturally over rules listening to you body.  When the program says 'build' that is what you want to do and before putting too much thought to it, it is the fear of missing out and convincing yourself that if you don't follow it that you will somehow lose fitness or not 'be ready.'  But what I really needed to do was just take it back a notch until my body recovered.  Not listening could potentially dig a hole I may not be able to climb out of this close to the race.  .

So I surrendered!  I let my fears go and just listened to my body.  Formed a new game plan and I still ran Tues, Wed and Thursday - but took out the speed work and kept the sessions to 1hr.  I also did yoga this week and used massage tools at home. It also dawned on my that with time being so tight these days, I have been totally neglecting to stretch.  Silly thing to do and I have no doubt has also contributed to the mess my body feels.

It was a very busy week at work.  I have deadlines at Global and PACE.  A new fall schedule is about to go out at the club that needs to be finalized, as well as I had the summer PACE clinic wind up on Wednesday night and the NEW fall clinic starts next Wednesday and our departure day for our trip is coming up fast.

So as my story goes... I will miss out on a build week and have to approach the alps with more rest.  Something tells me that during the 8 day journey this might just work out in my favor after all.

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