Wednesday, November 23, 2011

It Starts by Creating New Perspectives

Wow! Is there anyone else out there who can't believe another year has gone by this fast? I can’t think of a stronger motivator to “not put off tomorrow, what you can do today!”  I guess now we just need to remember this on the nights the couch is calling, or work gets in the way, or heaven forbid we’re still using things like ‘laundry’ as an excuse to not exercise.

I have to tell you all what a great year 2011 was for me! I experienced so much growth and built so many amazing memories!  Now, I’m not gonna lie to ya.. it took effort and I have never worked this hard at it.  I had undergone major surgery last November and had 6 long weeks of down time, to reflect on all sorts of things in my life.   What I came up with was a new perspective and a desire to chase all the endless possibilities that one with good health is privy to.  It may not sound like much, but it created wide open views and put me on the hunt for adventure.  It also gave me the drive to chase after a dream I’ve held for 6 years… to complete the Gore-Tex Transalpine Run.  An 8 day stage running race through the Alps.

It would take much more than physical training to accomplish this.  I would need a serious time management make- over.  In fact, the time management issue scared me more than the race itself.  Of course, when I look back at my year now… I am really proud of myself.  Not only for chasing my dreams and finishing the TAR… for finding a healthy balance with my time.  (Gawd, does it ever feel good to write that!) Yes, I managed quality family time, as a mom, wife, daughter, sister and with my commitments as a coach, fitness director and my own selfish training time. I guess one could say this was actually my 'greatest' accomplishment this year. 

So for all those parents, career driven folks and or just poor time management pep’s – there IS hope for you yet!  If I can do it… anyone can do it!  It simply starts with creating new ‘perspective’…

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