Monday, November 28, 2011

Kick in the Butt (by my 10yr old)

This Sunday I had a full day planned with family and Christmas plans.  So I knew if I wanted to get a 3hr run in, it meant getting up early and leaving the house by 7am.  Not a big deal.  Waking up at 5:30am to get a training session in early wasn't something new to me.  However this weekend, I totally blew it by sleeping in!  By the time I dragged my butt out of bed, made an espresso and actually came to 'life' it was past 8am.  In my mind, my 'workout window' was over.  I didn't have time for a 3hr run anymore.  And before you know it a million other things I could do starting taking precedence.  That is until my 10yr son called me. 

My husband went up to Sovereign with our son Carter this weekend for a Nordic camp.  When the boys left for the weekend, Carter was so excited!  He was looking forward to a weekend filled with skate and classic skiing, ping pong, snowball fights, games and a social wonderland with his buddies.  Only what he didn't realize is how the first time on the skis and doing 1.5 full days of skiing and activities/training... was going to hurt!  I got a phone call Sunday morning from Carter.  He sounded discouraged, tired and unsure if he could handle the ski race that was ahead of him that morning.  He told me how much his shoulders hurt and how he didn't get any sleep and before you know it was talking himself into a tivy.  So I immediately implemented 'Pep Talk 101' and talked him back up!  Within 1min we had an excited, pumped up and ready to roll boy back in the game!
Carter (on the left) with his skiing buddy Cameron
When I hung up the phone I felt SO inspired!  If my 10yr old could suck it up and get his tired/sore body moving, then surely I could still muster out a workout that morning and get my butt out the front door!  And who cares if it wasn't the 3hrs I originally planned.  It was better to do something than nothing.  So I dug out one of the most grueling hill repeat workouts from my coaches kit and hit the pavement over to Gordon hill.  I only  had a 40min window left, so I wanted to take full advantage of it... and let me tell you something.  I laid the boots to that hill!!  I had a great, quality workout with "feel good" purpose and the best part - I was motivated by my 10yr old.

I am so grateful for that phone call.  I was so proud of Carter and happy to get in a such great workout!  And by the time Carter got home, he forgot how tired he was and just wanted to help make gingerbread man and homemade tree ornaments!

Carter still in his Icebreaker, helping Maria with cookies

Mary and me busy goofing around, uh, I mean making ornaments!

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