Sunday, January 8, 2012

Ice, Chmice! We Made Do...

Sarah, Stephanie, Nathan, Carrie and I headed up Hell Hill just after 9am this morning.  We were all game for a 22km trail run and I was looking forward to finishing with approx. 3400 feet in my legs.  Only once we got moving we realized what bad shape the trails were in... they were full of ice!  By the time we sauntered over to the actual Two T's section of the loop  I was starting to second guess our big plans that day and thought that risking two loops in this terrain would probably be a bad idea.  So instead we picked apart the sections that were clean and did hill repeats along the way on any manageable area.
Today was such a great day to be out and the company was so laid back and fun that none of us got too worried about it and we just did the best we could with what we had.  I decided to shift the focus of the run to elevation and it made it easier to let go of the distance or time expectations of the workout and go with the flow.  It would have been frustrating and dangerous to push the pace or distance on these trails today.

We still got in 2.5hrs on our feet, although stats from my new watch tell me only 2hrs of that was moving time.  Okay, maybe we were a little TOO laid back :) but we did get almost 2500 feet which is half of the elevation for Chuckanut and we are still 10 weeks away.  See?  There is always a silver lining... if you go looking for it.

We got in some great views, did some bum sliding down the hills and of course, finishing with these two love birds topped the whole run off.  Carrie and Nathan were happy the whole run and it was nice to be in such positive company.  "Positive Attitude Changes Everything" in case you hadn't heard that before...  (P.A.C.E.)

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