Saturday, January 7, 2012

Movie + Spin = SPOOVIE

Last night we launched the start to another spoovie season.  This marking our 3rd consecutive year.  Sponsored by Kelowna Cycle and Global Fitness Centre, every Friday at 6pm we play a different movie and people can spin for 1.5-3hrs, depending on the length of the film, for only $5.00.  It is a great way to get in a long endurance ride this time of year.  Mind you, having said that - our spring-like weather this year is making outdoor rides still very feasible.

We kicked off the first night with Indiana Jones.  It was Carter's big spoovie debut on his new road bike.  He texted David Nelson on his way to school that morning... 'Hello fellow Felt Brother.  Will you be at spoovie tonight?'  The two of them texted back and forth on my blk berry... guess someone is growing up!

After about 40min on the bike, Carter and his buddy grabbed the blankets and hunkered down in a 'fort' with exercise mats and watched the rest of the movie and had snacks.

Thanks to everyone who came out and supports this event.  Looking forward to going for a beer and nachos next week!

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