Saturday, February 25, 2012

Dreams Come True - An Evening of Inspiration!

On Thursday I presented an evening of inspiration for the Heart & Stroke Foundation, through Global Fitness Centre.  This event was one of the Charity events we host for our Get it Back Give it Back program, which is a weight loss and lifestyle program.  Global Fitness offers this opportunity to 60 participants who have 20lbs or more to lose within our community.  I am lucky enough to play a role as the Fitness Director of the club and through my experience as an endurance athlete and coach!
I have never done anything like this before, however I hoped that my message would come through and inspire people to turn their dreams into goals and to pick themselves up when they fall down... no matter how many times!
I shared my story of how I went from running 20min per week here and there to doing my first 10km... to a 1/2 marathon... to a half ironman... to a 5 day trail running race in Thailand etc...
I used running as a metaphor for any 'dream' and was my example as it pertained to being part of my 'dream' which was to complete the Gore-Tex Trans Alpine Run in Europe. (8 day stage race running through 4 countries in the Alps)
I first talked about the difference between a dream and a goal.  In summay drove home the message that dreams are goals without legs.  Unless you put the 'legs' to your goals, you will never arrive at your dream.  I then shared examples of my journey and the many times I endured setbacks and ultimately the importance of picking yourself up when you fall along the way.  And how I learned that suffering is temporary and that giving up lasts forever.  I shared a very pivitol point in my life I learned about perserverence in a race in Thailand and the gift it gave me...

Although I was really nervous before the event, I was really happy I did it.  Public speaking can be difficult when you open up your life and share some of the more intimate and grounding moments to a room full of strangers.  What I didn't expect is how inspired I would be!  The room was full and people were so engaged and grateful... I believe I really did make a difference with my presentation and inspired people to put legs to their goals.  It was awesome!

We followed up with a Cardio Interval class to support the Heart & Stroke Foundation and we jacked it up!!  The energy and effort blew me away!  The inspiration didn't stop there either.  The following day I received beautiful letters, thank yous and invitations to offer my inspirational talk and slideshow in other venues. 

I just want to thank everyone who came out to support an amazing charity and to hear me speak.  It was a good first guest speaking experience and I actually look forward to doing it again :)

Here is the link to the slideshow I shared on me and my running partner, Sarah's, journey across the Alps in 2011.  It might take a bit to load, but I hope you'll find it worth it!

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