Monday, April 9, 2012

Pictures are Worth a Thousand Words

I feel so out of touch with blogging these days as it seems I just don't have the time! Although I have had some really great training weeks and memorable moments happening these days. So in no particular order and in full color...

It was a very rewarding end to the week when Stephanie and I got to celebrate an incredible and inspirational 12 week journey with our Get it Back, Give it Back team from Global Fitness Centre.  It was one of the most purposeful things I have ever done in my 18year fitness career.
Trent and I fit in some quality family time and took my Dad, Mom & Carter on a ride through Kettle Valley.
Carter loves his new road bike and has officially rode outside more than me so far this year!

My back to back runs have been coming along nicely.  This Easter weekend I managed two runs over 3hrs
and spent it with good friends which always make the miles more enjoyable.  Erica
and I don't get out one-on-one much so it was a special day for me!
My friend Carrie and out on a road ride Easter Sunday.  Another friend I don't get a lot quality time so
I was really grateful for this time with her.  It was a GREAT morning!
Easter dinner with family.  My brother's g/friend Maria is really sweet and she makes the best desserts ever!

I am really enjoying coaching the spring trail running clinic
through P.A.C.E.  We are seeing some positive results
and of course, it's great to see my athletes suffering this much ;)
Pin Cushion MTN on Easter weekend with P.A.C.E. had an incredible turn out
for up/down vertical repeats!  We were a strong group and motivated each other thru a really hard workout.
I was really pleased to get in 6 repeats this early in the season and it reminded me of just how much work I have to do before the
 ALPS again this year...

we made custom eggs again this year :)  And Carter informed us that he doesn't believe in the Easter Bunny or Santa... GULP!
It was way harder on me than him ;)  Oh!  And I also cooked my first 'bird' this Easter.

Lastly, with my focus on the TAR again this year I feel excited in a different way.  I am looking forward to giving back to Cancer and making our journey more than just about running.  I have a solid weekly running base of 70km and still cross-training for a total of approx. 13-15hrs per week of fitness.  I feel stronger this year and have been working on stamina and strength.  I think it's paying off and I can't wait to test it at Sun Mountain 50k in May!

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