Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Sun Mountain Race with P.A.C.E. Pep's

I have been excited for this race since this time last year!  James Varner, race director of Sun Mountain knows how to put on a great race and throw a great party!  Complete with lots of racing options from 25km 50km or 50miles there is something for everyone to get involved.  And if a fun course in beautiful Winthrop, Washington doesn't get you excited - the post race pizza, beer and blue grass band will.

Originally I signed up for the 50 miler.  It was going to spin off of my original plan of 6 ultras in 6 months... which soon changes when Sarah and I registered for TAR again.  Since the new year I have been slowly building the back to back runs... doing more cross-training, as TAR is in September so not wanting to get TOO excited too soon and end up injured.  I followed the 50km training plan with the P.A.C.E. pep's on Saturdays and really enjoyed spending time with friends on the long runs.  All the athletes with PACE are so inspiring... I wonder sometimes if they know just how much they give back to their coach unknowingly.

As it sits today - I have dropped down to the 25km at Sun Mountain this weekend.  It was a tough decision as I am feeling fit for 50km and somewhat longing to work through that kind of mileage in a race as it has been since last September.  I have decided to play it safe though and do like I did last year and do the 25km distance.  I will make this week a build week and make this event more of a training run than race.  To be honest, I really just didn't want to taper another and then take potentially 2 more weeks to recover.  I have a week of holidays in Fernie and Canmore area in the last week of June and I goal is to be ready to run multi days of approx. 30km back to back with more elevation.  The other bonus is that I will be in before my PACE athletes who are running the 50km and will get to see their finish :)

We are taking Carter's road bike and climbing gear too - so the weekend should be a fun training weekend with family, friends, wine and making more memories with the PACE family.
Post Race Pot-Luck at the Camp Ground ~ Ask Christie how much wine she drank and what song she sang us!

Blue Grass Music was AWESOME!
PACE girls at the finish line 2011

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