Wednesday, January 16, 2013

First Trail Running Clinic of 2013 Starts Tonight!

It is hard to believe that back in 2005 Amber Gilbert and I launched our first speed clinic in Kelowna.  And not long after that I started coaching trail running clinics. The last 3 years the trail running clinics have become so popular, I decided to focus mainly in this area (not to mention trails were my passion) and we found a way to combine the trail format with the speed component. Here we are 8 years later... about to launch the first clinic of 2013 with almost 50 people!

I want to thank my 2013 sponsors: True Outdoors, Western Financial Group, Salomon, Kelowna Cycle & Udos Oil. This clinic our sponsors, True Outdoors & Kelowna Cycle, have offered to open their doors to us every Wednesday until 8pm, so we can head out for our speed workout and then have a warm, dry place to come in an do our dryland practice.

I also want to thank all the participants over the years who put their trust and faith in me and the PACE team.  I am excited to help everyone enjoy their training and get fitter, faster and explore more this year.

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