Thursday, January 10, 2013

Guest Speaker - FOSS

2011 TAR with my partner Sarah MacLeod
I have been invited to speak at the FOSS (friends of the south slopes) AGM January tonight at the ECCO Centre at 7pm. I am really excited for this opportunity as it is a way for me to give back to such an impactful organization. This AGM is open to the public, so if you missed my presentation at the VIMFF in Kelowna in October, here is another chance for you to attend. I will be sharing my personal stories about how I finished a race called the Gore-Tex Transalpine Run two years in a row, how I prepared for this 8 day trail running race through the Alps and how we used it as an opportunity to give back and raise money for the BC Cancer Society.

For more information, visit the FOSS website.

I was also recently asked to speak a the Alpine Club of Canada's Social in February in Kelowna.  I feel so privileged for another opportunity to get involved in our community and share some more of my magical mountain moments.

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