Sunday, February 3, 2013

January in a Nut Shell

The month of January was officially my return to 'training' since TAR last September.  I patiently allowed my knees to rest, despite the total temptation to come off such a huge race and maintain the miles/fitness base I earned in Europe.  So after 3 months of minimal running miles and lots of cross-training I am back up to 4 days of running and feeling pretty darn good.

It was still a conservative month for me and rather gradual as I only logged approx. 45hrs of training, of which just a little more than half was running   I am excited to make my next bump up in training this month as it is has been hard to take it so easy.  Having said that, I really haven't had more time than that to train in January.  I have two jobs and January is one of the busiest months in the fitness industry too, so as the fitness director at Global Fitness Centre, my days have been longer than usual.  I also have taken on more coaching responsibilities outside of my already busy trail running business PACE Sports Fitness, not to mention my top priority is spending time with my family and 11yr old son.  Looking for that ideal balance point in my life is always something I am working on.

Carter and I out on a trail run together in January
My next race is Diez Vista 50k in Port Moody.  There is a group of approx. 12 of us heading down from P.A.C.E. to participate.  I am really excited for this race.  Diez Vista was actually the 2nd ultra I ever ran.  I remember the day clearly as it was a rather awful race for me.  For starters, I didn't have the mental strength I do now to really push through any significant suffering.  So when I developed an IT band issue during the race it totally deflated me and I remember sucking on sour lemons and walking for miles and miles, almost giving up.  When I think back to this it half embarrasses me to think how I let that ruin a day on the trails.  Because now, any day on the trails is a good day for me.    

Funny photo I found going back 6yrs ago!
Toni & Dan Crockett, Mel Bos, Brian & Jesse, Shannon & Stephanie

painful finish

One memory that stands out in my mind is this guy who ran up beside me on the last 5km and said "You must run now. You are almost done. You can do it" as he practically pushes my sorry/tired ass down the trail. As cheesy as that sounds, it was one of those memories I have taken with me over the years and helps me get my butt moving if I think I can't. So, I guess I am just excited to return to this event with a stronger mind-set and the experience to make the day great no matter what setbacks might come my way.