Monday, February 25, 2013

Snazzy Running Gear for Spring/Summer 2013

Salomon has recently released their spring/summer collection for 2013 and it is awesome!  Thought I would highlighted a few items for my fellow gear-junkies out there.  All of these items can be found on


Very light wind protection that packs small but retains a soft, comfortable feel and full features. Hooded, single pocket, vents at pits and thumb loops make this hoodie great for running at altitude where temperatures and wind can change quickly but light weight is essential.  Any all-season runner or athlete who wants to do more mountain-running needs one of these!

FAST WING VEST - If you don't already have one - this should be one of your first purchases of the spring season. 

Super light, extremely versatile wind protection, the Fast Wing vest provides core protection from the chill. Wear over a tee with arm warmers for cool mornings, pack in the pocket of your race tee, protection with minimal bulk or weight.

LIGHT SHORT (Very light, minimalist short for unrestricted movement, includes comfortable wide waistband that won't bind.)

I am SO excited to try these shorts out.  Last year during TAR (Transalpine Run) I wore a pair of North Face shorts for 4 out of 8 stages because the fabric was so light and they were so comfortable.  The problem with TNF shorts was there was WAY too much fabric and they were a super-cheesy style with the sides that split right up to your hip and practically had my ass hanging out as I ran.  Over an 8 day stage race I had more important things to focus on than style so I sucked it up and choose comfort over style but now Salomon has these beauties so this year I can have both comfort and style.  Boom!

EXO S-LAB TWIN SKIN SKORT (run easier, longer and recover better)

I ran in a pair of the men's S-Lab Twin Shorts last year and I really like how comfortable they are and personally, like the compression component to them, so I am pretty excited to give the sporty and fun skort a go!


I have been doing a lot more transition runs the last 6 months where I combine road and trail or run from my house into the nearby trails but first have to travel on road to get there.  I also really enjoy finding urban routes that combine road and trail for myself and my athletes training sessions.  So I am pretty excited to try the XR MISSION shoes. 


There are some things so good in life that you never change.  For me, it is the speedcross 3's.  I was so impressed and completely sold on these when I trained and raced in this shoe during the Gore-Tex Transalpine Run in 2012.  I covered 320km, over 8 days of every kind of terrain imaginable, from road to trail and some of the most rugged that the Alps can offer.  I was impressed with not only the comfort, but how well the shoe preformed on the diversity of terrain and held up.  The 2012 route had a lot of road sections and I thought the lugs on the tread of this shoe would be worn down after the 1/2 way mark but Salomon has done a great job and produced another high quality product.
I would love to hear your comments and feedback on any of these products and how they work for you. 
Happy running and enjoy your gear!

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