Thursday, March 7, 2013

February In a Nut Shell

Not much to report here people.  I am afraid February's running volume was very similar to January's as I took a little vaca to Mexico for a few weeks and didn't log any long runs.  I did manage to build back into running 5 days per week though, which is great and gives me confidence heading into the next build. 

So while I would have liked February's training log to hold some longer runs and higher overall mileage, I wouldn't trade in the 2 week family vacation I had in Mexico for anything.  Besides, I have been running long enough to know the miles aren't going anywhere and they are already picking up this month as I buckle down for the final push before Diez Vista in April. There is a big group from P.A.C.E. going, so that alone gives the weekend fun factor w/out even considering the run.  I am super excited to take a road trip with my PACE friends and share the race as both a coach and athlete.  My athletes really do inspire me in the most positive way and I feel so fortunate to have the best of both worlds.  Not to mention this crew going down for D.V. are fit!  They have been training hard and working their way into a solid endurance base and picking up some speed heading into spring.  I want to make sure my athletes are not only well prepared for the race... but also to piggy back their coach if I need it ;) 

Life is good! I have some work ahead of me in March but I am looking forward to every day and every step along the way.  The sun has been shining more and we have had some beautiful 7 to 15 degree days in Kelowna, so I plan on using the awesome Okanagan weather as extra motivation :)

checking out the trail I sponsored in Myra Bellevue Provincial Park during a training run in February

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