Tuesday, April 2, 2013

March in a Nutshell

March was a pretty good training month for me.  I caught a nasty cold mid-month which shut things down for little while but compared to last year I made some improvements in terms of overall volumes and I feel like I am starting to get into my groove this year. 

27,000 feet
Longest run: 37km
24 sessions

Compared to March of 2012:
18,000 feet
Longest run: 28.5km
14 sessions

I didn't get in the speed work I originally planned, but it was great to build a higher volume and remain injury free.  I look forward to building it more in the months to come.  For now, I am happy heading into Diez Vista 50k this weekend to have some fun on the trails and hang out with friends and the other runners/volunteers in the trail running community.

This weekend will mark my longest run and my first race since September of last year.  So I don't really have any big expectations, other than I want to finish strong and have fun!

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