Monday, June 10, 2013

Trail Running PK's

April was trail running month at all 4 True Outdoors stores and Trent and I were invited to offer trail running PK's (product knowledge) for all the employees.  I think this speaks volumes for this company, as it shows how invested they are in supporting trail runners in the interior and to ensure their staff is educated and confident when it comes to  helping customers find the best choice for their individual needs and investments
We hit the Kamloops store first and the following morning we made our way to the Vernon location.  Before we hit the road back to Kelowna, we took a detour over to Kal Park for a run on the beautiful and scenic trails there.  What a lovely area filled with some pretty spectacular trail networks and stunning views.
We just recently finished visiting the Penticton store and the staff have gotten really creative and are making it easier for the consumer to learn about their products.  For example, with these custom made shoe signs that summarize some of the best features about each shoe.

One thing I loved about doing these talks is how engaged the TO staff are.  Even if they don't run - they share a passion to paddle, rock climb, mountain bike, hike, ski, travel etc... and they are all very keen to learn and want to do a good job in helping people find the products that will enhance their experience in their outdoor pursuits. 

This is the third consecutive year True Outdoors has sponsored me and I am grateful for their support and opportunity to influence the sport of trail running within their stores, which ultimately translates over to our communities.  They care about their local athletes and not only support me as a coach and endurance athlete, but they get behind all the volunteer and charity work I do too.  Making True Outdoors more than just a gear shop...      

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