Thursday, August 1, 2013


June was a good month for me.  I had to juggle the miles around a lot of extra family and work commitments, so fitting in training was challenging. Family and work priorities always trump training in my life so considering this, I am  pretty rootin-tootin happy with my overall summary. 

Total Run Time: 55hrs
Total Run Distance:  332km
Total Run Ascent:  16,000m

Compared to May:
Time:           38hrs
Distance:      280km
Ascent:       10,000m

As I am so far behind in my posts, I will summarize with a few snaps from the month:

Great training days with P.A.C.E. like this one before Terry tapers for her race in Germany
Training Day with the TAR crew up to Divide Lake

Started the June Trail Running Clinic with P.A.C.E. at True Outdoors

Spent time out on the Autumn Rush Trail Race Course
Trent and I biked with Carter's class on the KVR
Carter went to Districts for High Jump and Relay
He placed 3rd/25 in High Jump and 4th/25 in Relay - so proud!
Grade 6 Graduation Night - off to middle school
Trent and I actually started training together this month :)  5:30am date mornings!
Trent and I coached our 2nd Learn to Run Clinic for Kelowna Cycle
Coaching the Ogogpogo Tri Kids a few times per week and here we are at our first race in Vernon

Carter had a great start to his tri season - he is a lot of fun to watch and cheer for
Some days were so busy I didn't hit the trails until 8pm but then I ran with beautiful scenery like this :)

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