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Growing up we did a lot of camping.  Not backcounrty camping, like I enjoy now, but campsite KOA type camping.  An introduction to the wilderness started at an early age of 2 and it has been with me ever since.  It wasn't until I met Trent, however, that I found my love for the mountains. 

While running together the other day, I was thinking how over 9 years ago it all started in the mountains for us and continues to play a large role in our marriage and life together.  Especially this year as we are preparing for an 8 day trail running race in Europe where, together, we will run 270km, climb over 50,000 feet and cross over 4 countries through the Alps.

My first mountain trip with Trent was to Rogers Pass for a hiking weekend.  We stayed in the Wheeler Hut and participated in some Alpine Club of Canada activities and did some on our own.  I recall feeling full of excitement and fear.  Not knowing what to expect and putting all my trust in Trent.

Wheeler Hut
We started with a hike on Mt. Cheops.  I will never forget hiking up Ballou Pass, and the tight switchbacks and eventually up the huge boulder field to the ridge.  I felt so strong and the view at the top was more magnificent than I ever imagined it to be.  That day changed the way I viewed the mountains and I gained a deeper appreciation and connection for nature.
We also hiked Abbot Ridge that weekend.  It was the first time I was on a MTN in bad weather and I remember starting to panic and wanting to just get down.  I am sure if Trent were to tell the story he would tell you how I thought I was going "die" up on the ridge that day.  LOL!  Either way, it stands out as one of my most memorable hikes to-date.

Happy on the ridge before the storm

Me trying to just get the heck off the ridge at the start of the storm.  See ya!

Happy again after waiting out the storm and finish the day off with smiles and giggles

Trent even proposed in the mountains.  It's kinda a funny story, actually.  We were on our way to Moab, Utah to meet friends and on the way we decided to spend a few days mountain biking in Fruita Colorado.  We had went for a MTB ride that morning and Trent was insisting that we go for a hike in the afternoon.  I was tired and thinking I just wanted to hang out but he was SO persistent and I remember caving in.  During the hike I was getting hungry and he had our backpack with the snacks in it.  I asked him to wait up so we could stop and eat.  He kept telling me "sure honey.  We'll stop just up here at the look out".  Well, by the time we got to the damn look out I was "hangry" and I just wanted a fricken cliff bar.  We sat down and he dug into the backpack and instead of a cliff bar - I got an engagement ring.  Of course, I didn't care about the cliff bar and my hunger was replaced with tears of joy.  We still laugh about that day in Monument National Park.

Our Laundry, uh, I mean "love" shack

Fruita, Colorado

We drove up to Silverton (Hardrock 100) for coffee and to check it out

Riding the infamous Porqupine Rim in Moab
Over the years Trent and I have been all over the world exploring the mountains.  We introduced Carter at the young age of 5 with a trip to Lake O'Hara and have since taken Carter on many mountain trips, including countries like Costa Rica and Thailand. 
Then in 2009 we really put the love into the mountains when we planned our wedding in Rossland, BC and had a small outdoor wedding under the stars with a local band.  Trent lead a MTB ride and I lead a trail run on the 7summits trail the morning of our wedding and the next day we did a family hike on Red Mountain.  Some people even got up a few of the other peaks in the area before heading home. 

I am looking forward to the race in September with Trent as we build more mountain memories together.  Only 30 days to go before I will be making out, uh, I mean running with my hubby at 10,000 feet.  xo

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