Sunday, March 6, 2011

Nice Welcome Home

I couldn't think of a better way to return home from holidays than with the PACE group this morning!  It was awesome to see everyone in their bright colors and happy faces... the sun did end up coming home with me and was shining bright for 9am start.

I just couldn't bring myself to getting up for an earlier start after a long travel day yesterday.  We got routed from PS to Van to Calgary.  It was a big of a shit sandwich and we didn't get home until after 9pm.  I tried to drink lots of water, but that is never easy in and out of security and of course, the food is mediocre at best in airports.  Anyhow, I elected to sleeping in until 7am and start with the 9am group.

The first 2hrs felt easy.  I was thinking 'finally, these long sessions are paying off".  From there though, my ankles and arches were aching and energy was dropping.  We ended up making it up to Look-out Trail, along the Canyon in Crawford.  It was beautiful!  But we paid for the descent, as there was so much snow and uneven terrain.

Here we decided to bushwhack up the side to get a bit more elevation and avoid the snowy climb around the back.  The views at the top were so worth it!!  We visited my friend "Wayne" for a few minutes and then started our descent.  Wayne passed away from a heart attack while mountain biking and they build this bench in his memory.

After returning with the group (2:45hrs) Stephanie and I set out to add on to our last long run before Chuckanut.  My goal was 5hrs.  My body was wondering if I could make another 30min.  Was not feeling the love.  Stephanie had done 45min earlier, so what did I have to complain about!?

We set back out on Kuipers flats and made our way over to Canyon Falls Court where we wanted to do some road for our return.  We ended up hooking on to some trails that dropped us down to Raymer (?) and then over to Gordon.  We ran up Gordon hill (well, we ran to one lamp post.  Walked to the next.  Ran to the next.  Walked to the next. etc...) until we were up at Frost and ran the last piece of road back to the start.

Unlike the last two long runs, I didn't feel like I could do more.  My feet were killing me.  So I would have to settle for 4:10hrs.  (guessing only 30km as my GPS died)  3000 feet though, so that gives me over 8000 feet this week.  I'll take it!  Stephanie, however did get in her 5:00hrs.  I am proud of her! 

Well, this it.  No more time for another long run before Chuckanut on March 19th.  I will have to go into the race with the fitness I have.  I do, however, have time to mentally prepare and hopefully I can make up for any shortcomings that my fitness level brings :)

It's taper time!

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