Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Diez Vista Blues

I have decided not to run Diez Vista 50k this weekend.  Despite the fact that I know I would benefit more from a solid 6 week training block before Sun Mountain 50k and my long term goal of the Alps this September, I hate letting DV go.  It is likely a combination of FOMO (fear of missing out) and the ever wonder of how the race would have gone for me and not following through with a goal I initially set for myself.  The reality is that I hardly ran before Chuckanut in March and I have hardly ran since CN, so I don't need another 'race.'  What I need is to increase my fitness and start building blocks towards the Alps.  I know the purpose will come into perspective after DV, but until Saturdays race comes and goes I doubt I'll feel any different.

That being said,  I am excited for Mel Bos & Stephanie Swaisland, two athletes I coach to take the race this weekend.  Mel has some huge goals again this year and this will be a great early season race to come off of and give us some perspective on the areas we need to hone in on.  Steph has never done two ultras this close together before, so this is an exciting weekend for her and will be an impressive first achievement. So,  I suppose with Mel & Stephanie running this weekend, the DV Blues won't be that bad, as I always feel so much more reward when my athletes race than me anyhow.

Besides, once a decision is made, it is made and I just have to move forward from here.  Time to train for the Alps!

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