Tuesday, April 12, 2011

30's Alps Training

For the last two weeks I have been on the 30min training plan for the Alps... despite knowing this won't cut it, it has been 30min here or there or nothing.  My work schedule and family life has been the priority and I have had a hard time fitting more training in.

I suppose in some ways it has been good, as it has allowed more recovery from Chuckanut.  (ugh, yes, I feel like I am just getting recovered now) and allowed me to get caught up on things so I can shift my focus for Sun Mountain on May long weekend.

It has also forced me to get up at 5:30am.  No more sleeping until 7am... I am on the bike or doing weights in the garage or taking more time to ball roll/massage stick etc...  My husband has been awesome and taken me out for a few 2.5-3hr road rides which have been great too.

My partner, Sarah, has been amazing.  She worked her way through a set back early in her training with a commitment to the elliptical for 2 weeks because she couldn't run.  Now, if you're a runner you know the elliptical is a poor replacement to say the very least and it was a means to an end for Sarah for sure.  We did meet for one elliptical session which turned into more of a social, get-caught-up and dance to techno music than anything else.  Good bonding time... hopefully we can maintain that sense of humor by day 6 in the Alps.

I am looking forward to actually getting out for some runs with Sarah and I know she is too.  We are making some pretty cool plans for mountain trips this summer to resemble the Alps as much as we can.  Good times!

Complete profiles are now up on the website... day 2 looks a little crazy but fun!

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