Friday, April 15, 2011

Back in the Saddle Again

This week was way better on the training front and I feel like my decision to with go Diez Vista has already paid off.  I am recharged and reconnected with my goals.  Sarah and I have had a few good visits and we've made plans to run Saturday and bike Sunday.  Due to her injury, she hasn't done any over distance endurance since mid-March, so we figure getting out on the bike for some long rides will compensate until we can build into back to back running days and more hills.  She won't skip a beat regardless... she is such a strong girl!  More importantly, I am just looking forward to training more together.  We each have the same outlook on our journey which is to finish day 8 with smiles on our faces, having taste-tested beer along the way and stopping to smell the roses and take photos of this awesome experience!

I improved my time management skills this week because I was busy every night this week (totally over scheduled myself) yet I found time for a workout 4 of 5 days!  I also wanted to run 3x's this week, next week and then add a 4th run in on my last build week before I take a rest week.

I was looking at photos briefly tonight for some inspiration and I have to admit... they do help motivate me.  The scenery is so beautiful and I get pretty excited.

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